Barclays Values Jam

An interactive approach to embedding brand values


In the wake of the recession Barclays, along with many other financial organisations, carried out a review into how it goes about its business. Naturally, this work progressed to discussions that focused on brand values and the impact that they have on a day-to-day basis for Barclays employees.


With a diverse global presence and over 143,000 staff, a wide-reaching, integrated, global campaign was needed to allow staff to have their voice and contribute to ideas on what living the company values really means to them, and their ambitions around the perception of Barclays.


Centred on a 3 day Global Values Jam, the campaign was split into 3 phases Pre-Jam, Jam Active and Post-Jam. We worked with Barclays to ensure all employees knew they were invited to collaborate and share ideas with their global colleagues. Bold environmental graphics, animations, video booths and registration pods provided provocative conversation starters while Post-Jam the results and staff comments took centre stage.