EMEA Summit 2016

Focused Growth


Kimberly-Clark Consumer has completed its first year working together as one business, KC EMEA Consumer, following the merger of the European and Middle East and Africa business in 2015.


KC had a much clearer understanding of their challenges and opportunities after the first year working together. They looked to us to help draw together some of the more complex goals into a strategy that was easy to understand and could be communicated to their Top 200 at a leadership conference in January 2016. We were asked to bring some of the key messages and behaviours to life. As well as supporting on leadership presentations and creating fun group exercises and workshops


It was clear to us early on in conversations with KC senior leaders that growth was key to their future plans. Growth was the overarching theme, but we had to communicate how this was best achieved. For KC, it was not just about sales figures. It was looking at all processes, behaviours and ways of working. Through this, the strategy of Focused Growth was formed. We developed a campaign visual identity to communicate this using a concept of focused light beams bursting into many bright colours to signify their potential and opportunity through Focused Growth.

Storytelling and employee owned messaging played an important part to how we communicated this strategy at the summit and through the wider business. We created a series of videos to support the structure of the summit, which helped bring each area of focus to life in a memorable way.

We felt it was important for the leadership to realise the importance of the role they play, making lives better. So to kick off the summit we told a story of a consumer born in todays world, and supported by KC products from birth using Huggies, through to elderly age where Depend products give her confidence to leave the house. That’s a big achievement and something to be proud of.