RBS Internal Communications

Motivating employees against all odds


The banking industry has needed to rethink how it does business and in the last few years The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has been dramatically affected by these changes. In 2009 the Non-Core division was born, tasked with selling off assets.


The Non-Core division needed to build success within a defined time limit. In addition to this, communications had to inspire employees to effectively manage themselves out of a job whilst maintaining motivation right to the end of their contracts. TW had to draw in the right people, engage them with the dynamic elements of the division and allow them to approach their work as a development opportunity.


By using red as the dominant colour, instead of the traditional RBS blue, we created a brand that reflected Non-Core’s unique identity within the business. Putting employees ‘In the Spotlight’ by telling their stories and sharing experiences, the campaign went through a series of considered phases. With fundraising events and results reporting, a true sense of community was built. 2013’s final phase focused on the achievements of the Non-Core team. With tools including video booths, a book, postcard submissions and a film, the Non-Core experience is one that won’t be forgotten.