We all know traditional brainstorming is a great way to produce new ideas, products or features. Just sit in your office or meeting room – with your colleagues, coffee and a whiteboard – and let the ideas flow. But there are more effective, more fun and more interesting exercises for developing new ideas. At TW we like to use creative brainstorming exercises to get clients out of their predictable ways of thinking and comfort zone, without overstretching to the panic zone. Here’s how.

Get the idea-generating juices flowing

Last month we organised a 2 hour session in our office to find and agree on  a set of brand values, write the basics for a brand story and secure next steps and action points (isn’t it shocking how often great ideas stay unused after a successful brainstorm???)  To do this we facilitated a workshop using the below techniques:

Buy a Feature

The participants took 5 minutes to write down as many characteristics of their company as they could think of. They then formed groups of similar characteristics, resulting in over 20 different, categorized values. Each participant was then given some ‘currency’ to buy their favourite values.

Diverging and converging these values, enabled us to select 5  values which earned the most currency. This exercise also genertaed some great key words to use in the brand story and as brand vocabulary.

Speed Boat

The group had to picture their company as a boat. A catamaran was chosen. The participants then discussed the anchors that are stopping the catamaran moving forward and ways to add more power to the catamaran.

Open and clear communication about barriers holding the company back in development, enabling us to determine concrete actions that encourage brand and company growth.

30/60/90 Action Planning

We concluded the workshop by divvying up action points across the participants and setting targets for all actions to be delivered over the next 30, 60 or 90 days.

A concrete action plan, with an owner delegated to each action point, that was then shared within the company. The first actions are already signed off!

It was great to see this relaxed, informal approach to problem solving combined with lateral thinking, really working! This, together with being out of their daily routine and working environment, encouraged the participants to come up with thoughts and ideas that are now being crafted into original, creative solutions.

Unlock new ideas and opportunities too?

At TW Creative we have a host of different creative brainstorming techniques which we inter-change in accordance to our clients’ needs. All of which offer a structured process for identifying, evaluating and prioritizing ideas allowing clients to examine and rethink their strategic focus. Please get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help with your next brainstorm! Drop us a line.

by Chris Cottrell