Creativity Soars In Times Of Adversity

Life as we know it has temporarily changed, but one thing we have noticed is that creativity is powering people through.

Creativity. It’s always been such a loaded word. ‘Am I creative enough?’ ‘What if my creativity isn’t on par with my colleague or friend?’ ‘What if my idea is a bit silly?’ Well, now more than ever we need to silence our inner critic and remember that in simple terms, creativity is using our imagination to create and solve things.  

Some of the world’s biggest brands are leading the way in putting their creative spin on the crisis. McDonald’s has separated its well-known ‘golden arches’ to highlight the need for social distancing…

…and Guinness highlights the same message with this offering from freelancer Luke O Reilly.

In the agency world, London based Anomaly, have created an open-source campaign driving the message, ‘It needs all of us to save more of us’ complete with downloadable posters and sharable videos.   

But outside of the industry, things are happening too. Our most successful musicians are curating feel-good Instagram festivals and streaming live sing-alongs, (thank you, Chris Martin). Teachers are creating videos to educate on topics such as science and maths and children everywhere are crafting rainbows of hope in every shape and size to hang in their windows.

Olympians are even finding alternative ways to keep up their training! Dutch gold-medallist Sharon van Rouwendaal has invented a training method using an inflatable paddling pool and a rope tied around her waist. The 26-year-old said she swam for 45 minutes before it got too cold. Her Instagram video is being highly praised for showing creativity in the face of a crisis.

Sharon van Rouwendaal in her paddling pool

On average, we each have approx. 60,000 thoughts a day. My guess is that at the moment, that number is even higher. And not all of those thoughts are easy to accept. Some may be uncomfortable, challenging, anxiety provoking. There is however, much evidence to say that creativity, (remember, simply bringing something to life from our imagination), can help on many levels. Particularly at a time when nothing is ‘normal’.

How can we benefit from being creative? 

It increases happiness

Your creativity is your own and your own place for self-expression and when we are in a moment of creativity, we often find ourselves in full flow. When you lose all sense of time and surroundings, boosting your mood and reducing anxiety.

It boosts brain activity

When creating with our hands, our left brain talks to our right brain and when this happens, our cognitive function improves.

It leads to a sense of achievement

There is nothing nicer than achieving something. When we complete a task that is meaningful to ourselves, positive hormones are released therefore boosting our mood.

So, forget all the heavy associations that you might have with that word and just allow yourself to explore your imagination. There really is inspiration all around us at the moment. Whether you turn to our brands, your favourite chef, or gardener, the lighter days, or the innocence of our children, make, bake, craft, draw, paint, write, sing and invent. We really think you’ll feel all the better for it.

Whilst the TW family are still hard at work being creative for our clients to ensure we continue to meet deadlines, there has of course been a fair bit of creativity going on inside each of our households as well.

Within the ‘virtual’ TW walls, we are slowly but surely, cultivating that much spoken about ‘Wartime Spirit.’ Si, our Creative Director has been repurposing original wartime posters for our 2020 world. Take heed if you are a stockpiling Sally or Hoarding Henry and look at the series here!

Whilst we are all set up to deliver business as usual, (with the help of our shiny new website), we know that it’s not business as usual for many at the moment. So, we will be posting regularly on our news page and social feeds and sharing our top tips, inventive ideas and creative activities to help everyone stay sane during isolation. And if you want to talk about actual work stuff, well we are of course here for that too!

Look after yourselves and we hope you stay well,

All at TW.