Crossroads Care Surrey

Re-inventing professional care services

A very different kind of care

Crossroads Care Surrey came to us with an identity crisis. They were struggling to make an impact. Our research within the local community discovered that brand awareness was low and that there was a failure amongst people of all ages to self identify as carers. Research also showed that there was a perception that caring is dull and unrewarding. We needed to shift perception and create a new brand image that embodied all the positive aspects that caring for a loved one involves.

We started by searching for their uniqueness. Crossroads are both a professional care provider and a charitable organisation. They are unique as they care about the carers as well as the ones needing care. Unearthing this new positioning allowed us to create a fresh, vibrant, uplifting brand identity that aids recall across any channel. After undertaking a full UX review, we rolled out the new identity across web and social media.

Overlapping imagery symbolises the warmth and connection between the carer and cared for