Purpose is the reason why a company or a brand exists. It is the underlying essence that makes it relevant and necessary to its customers. For obvious reasons purpose-driven marketing is the new norm. Brands with authentic purpose-led behaviours help customers know what they stand for – creating loyalty, affinity and connections.

Nearly 20 years ago Simon Sinek kickstarted the concept of ‘Start With Why’, in his famous Ted Talk ‘How great leaders inspire action’

He states that people buy the ‘why’ behind your organization, not the ‘WHAT’ or ‘HOW…you do it’, because it is actually rooted in human biology. Resonating with your audience by showing your WHY will influence your limbic system. This is the part of your brain that controls all decision making AND all of our emotions and feelings. In other words, if you can evoke emotion through delvering your overall brand purpose, potentially you can drive consumer behaviour to fall in love with your brand.

TW’s Purpose

Recently we spent some time re-defining our TW brand purpose. In today’s changing world it’s always important to constantly evolve, to stay fresh, current and relevant. After a series of strategic exercises we identified our reason for existing – ‘To go beyond the expected to make great things happen’. This now forms the essence of all our decision making, thinking, creating and doing. Organisations must walk-the-walk as well as talk-the-talk and consumers will see straight through a brand that is failing to live up to its brand promise.

Here’s the steps we took to get to our WHY:

Get everyone on board
We started our journey by organising a kick-off meeting with the entire team to establish the importance of finding our brand purpose. We used both examples from global companies such as Google and Nike, and small, local companies to demonstrate our point. Showing other industries and companies who have successfully articulated their overall purpose and continue to live and breathe it, allows everyone to understand the job at hand.

One-on-one conversations
Our second exercise was a series of 1-2-1 qualitative interviews (more like conversations!) with all the TWinkies (as we like to call the TW team members), asking each individual why they have chosen to work and keep working for TW. We asked a series of questions, including ‘If TW burnt down how would you want it remembered?’, ‘How would you describe TW to a friend?’ and ‘What is your TW elevator pitch?’ In a 1-2-1 setting everyone felt more comfortable sharing their personal opinions and staying true to themselves. This resulted in a very authentic  and useful set of insights.

Identifying key themes
Any good researcher will tell you that the analysis of the results is the most critical part of the process. We therefore took some time to ‘live’ with the results and ultimately were able to identify common themes.

Putting it into words
From here comes the tricky part…putting the conclusions and summaries into a concise but compelling brand narrative! Or as we like to call it: our agency manifesto. Not only does it include ‘why we exist’, our vision for our future and how we are going to get there, but also our beliefs and values and what makes us different. Any manifesto should grab audiences’ attention and make an emotional impact. Whilst it isn’t necessarily a consumer facing piece of literature, it will now form the backbone for all TW’s internal marketing strategy and communications.

Brand identity
Any brand re-positioning is always better received by it’s audience, if accompanied by a brand re-design or update. After all, anyone can say they have changed but if they see the change, it’s far more convincing. We are currently in the process of evolving our brand identity. It’s more of a gradual transformation than a huge departure from where we were. Our current website is in the process of being redesigned and rebuilt. So please don’t judge us on our current appearance! Our new TW site is going to feel fresh, contemporary and exciting. We aim to launch this summer, so watch this space.

We’re here to help

We hope this information was helpful. If you need some guidance in finding your company purpose, please get in touch.