Gatwick Airport

Winning hearts and minds

The heart of the local community

Gatwick Airport is integral to the local community and we helped them shout about this often misunderstood fact. Gatwick is more than just an airport. It is a major employer fuelling the local economy, a sustainable and charitable community partner as well as a major transport hub.

The untold story

With the need to increase flight capacity and stay competitive, Gatwick Airport recently launched its master plan for the next 15 years. This highlighted the need to communicate the broad contribution that Gatwick makes to the local community. Telling this often untold story was at the heart of the integrated campaign.

Messaging to make a difference

Gatwick Airport often comes under scrutiny for the less positive impact air travel entails. It was crucial that tonally and strategically, we delivered a campaign that shed light on the other side of the business and educated the local community on the positive impact Gatwick brings to the surrounding areas.

Strategic partners

Having worked with Gatwick Airport for over 10 years, TW is a trusted partner. We worked with them at the very start of this campaign process to establish key messages and strategic direction. We conducted a series of community and stakeholder interviews to establish important themes for the campaign. Through this research process, we then curated and wrote a set of messages which formed the campaign backbone.

We’re more than just an airport

The tag line, “We’re more than just an airport” embodied the sentiment of the campaign. TW’s creative direction brought this to life by showing both sides of the story. Using a clever split-screen image style, we were able to simply and clearly convey the key messages to our local audience, prompting them to think about Gatwick Airport in a different light.

True integration

The campaign rolled out across multiple media touchpoints, both internally at Gatwick Airport and the surrounding area. From outdoor six sheets at Gatwick rail terminal to The Metro newspaper, digital display ads and large scale internal advertising. The campaign was certainly hard to miss!