Last year the new data protection regime of GDPR came into effect. Many companies are subject to the modernised laws that protect the personal information of individuals. It can be quite a challenge positioning this fairly dry subject though!

In fact, still many data incidents happen (source: ICO), with companies failing to meet the reporting threshold due to a lack of awareness (source: The Information Age). Our client Osborne took a belt and braces approach to GDPR using video.

Showcase: Osborne & GDPR

Osborne asked us to support their communications campaign with two impactful videos – one to their external audience and the other to their employees. The messaging in both is clear: GDPR is here to stay, we all need to make sure we treat people’s data with the utmost discretion and there are costly penalties at stake if we don’t comply. Osborne is very aware of the risk of employees not recognising a ‘subject access request’ and the company then being in breach by not responding within the GDPR-agreed time limits. For example a temporary receptionist may take a request and not realise how important it is to get the request actioned. We therefore set about creating engaging narrative and storyboards with the end result of two playfully animated films centering on the uniqueness of everyone’s digital fingerprint.

It was great to see this relaxed, informal approach to problem solving combined with lateral thinking, really working! This, together with being out of their daily routine and working environment, encouraged the participants to come up with thoughts and ideas that are now being crafted into original, creative solutions.

Here to help

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by Chris Cottrell