We’re delighted to introduce our new colleagues New Business and Marketing Director Kate Whitehead, Creative Designer Paul Riddel and Account Manager Elana Bryan.

Kate Whitehead

Kate has over 15 years experience working at London and New York advertising and marketing agencies, before taking a short break to spend time with her 3 young children. She’s got a world of experience working across a broad spectrum of clients, on all aspects of marketing and communications. At TW she’ll focus on developing the TW brand offering, partnering with existing clients to help them grow their business and working with clients on new creative opportunities to help build their brand.

Paul Riddel

Paul started working in the creative industry in London straight out of uni. He has over 12 years experience working on a range of formats and media, from banner to billboard, from online bits to computer game design. In his free time Paul switches off by skateboarding and sharing the adventures of Paul Rodriguez and Eric Koston with his 1 year old son.

Elana Bryan

Elana has been working in marketing for 2.5 years. She had a career as an actress in British films, before following her passion to help companies with their business growth. Elana will bring TW and our clients attention to detail, knowledge about effective advertising and looooots of new, creative ideas.

Get in touch to welcome them!

by Mark Tiley