Building a lasting relationship

Bringing one of the world’s most loved brands into the workplace

Whether in the workplace or at home, look around you and almost certainly there will be a Kimberly-Clark product close by. Kimberly-Clark produces life essentials under some of the most recognised brand names in the world; Kleenex®, Scott®, Andrex®, Kotex® and Huggies® to name but a few.

The Professional division of Kimberly-Clark sees many of these brands as a staple in workplaces around the globe, supplying high-hygiene and efficiency products to a broad range of business environments, including washroom, food processing and healthcare.

With such a diverse and global audience, keeping their customers up to date with product innovations and benefits was never going to be quick and easy. And we’re delighted to say that since that first project back in 2005, we have continued to partner with Kimberly-Clark Professional and their Consumer division to deliver strategic and creative communications.

More than 15 years on and through ever-changing business climates, we’ve had the pleasure of working across multiple product segments, developing a portfolio of creative work from the smallest tactical banner design, through to coordination of annual European Leadership Summits and everything in between – and not forgetting a charitable experiential campaign centred of all places, inside a Portaloo.