Home truth: Mail matters more than ever before

Home is where the heart is and where most people are consuming marketing messages

We are all spending more time in our homes than ever before. For many people, lockdown wasn’t all bad news. It meant more time spent with family, more time to exercise, more time to read and more time to interact with media on a deeper level.

COVID has changed the marketing and media landscape for good. There are simply fewer places to get your marketing messages seen. But the good news is, less choice means more focus and higher engagement with media channels that are available in people’s homes. It’s where more and more brand interactions are happening.

From a research study conducted by Market Reach involving surveys and telephone calls with 1,500 homeowners, 150 businesses and 45 in-depth interviews, the opportunity for brands to reach their audiences on a deeper level through mail in 2021, is huge.

Being at home more is the new normal; 24% of people surveyed said they are going to continue working from home when the global pandemic is over. Additionally, 41% of businesses surveyed said they intend to send more mail in 2021. 88% of people surveyed said they paid more attention to personalised mail than they did other forms of media. Most surprisingly, the survey revealed that 41% of people looked forward to receiving mail through their letterbox and that the younger audience group of 18-24 year olds, in particular, liked to receive mail. This represents a big opportunity for youth brands who would have previously overlooked mail as part of their media mix.

Mail is the original in-home engagement channel and forms a powerful connection with its audience.

Interestingly for marketeers, 7% of mail drives a purchasing decision. The resurgence of QR codes, previously seen as a fad and unreliable, have now enjoyed a revival thanks to the need for restaurants and bars to track and trace. A printed piece of mail can now easily drive customers online to find out more and make a purchase through the use of a cleverly integrated QR code.

Or course mail is often overlooked by marketeers due to the costs associated with it. Compared to digital communications it is always going to be more expensive. However, an average email campaign will get a 20% open rate, meaning that a brand’s database is missing out on a whopping 80% of its audience!

There is a reason why the UK Government has recently chosen mail to communicate with the population rather than email. Because mail gets noticed.

Indeed 58% of people remember seeing the Government letter on coronavirus and 63% of people said they take mail more seriously than any other forms of media.

An enormous 98% of mail is being positively engaged with, whether this means being opened, read, re-read or shared with someone else in the household. Mail has a REACH and REPEAT impact which the digital medium simply cannot compete with. The average time a single piece of mail is being interacted with is 4.5 times!

Of course, as any good marketeer will tell you, no one channel on its own can deliver everything. It is the careful combination of mail and digital that will drive the greatest results.

So when planning your 2021 marketing activities, don’t forget, mail matters!