Protecting personal data

The GDPR furore

It seemed the whole world got caught up in the furore GDPR caused when it came into full force in May 2018, but leading construction company Osborne set about its communications on this hot topic in a considered and alternative way. 

Protecting everyone’s data

Osborne wanted to demonstrate to both internal and external audiences what the legislation changes really meant, while showing the dangers of data mistreatment. The focus was on demonstrating practical solutions and safeguarding.

Grabbing attention

Taking a very ‘trodden’ subject matter and making it appear interesting and even humorous to a disengaged audience was no mean feat! TW’s core creative thought came from the fact that everyone’s fingerprint is unique.

A unique approach

Using a fingerprint, we created illustrative graphics to tell a story around the personal data that is gathered from all areas of daily life. For external stakeholders, we outlined the benefits of Osborne holding selected information about them. For employees, we highlighted the dangers of data mishaps and how Osborne has best practice processes in place to safeguard against risk.

De-coding the complicated

With a need to structure complex and serious messaging into an engaging communications piece, it was quickly agreed video was the right medium for this. Due to the somewhat dry nature of the subject matter, our client set us the challenge of injecting some humour into the content. The result was two playfully animated films.

Going against the norm

Osborne was delighted with the less than conventional creative approach we took to this challenge. Most people stifle a yawn when GDPR is mentioned, but we challenge you not to smile when you view our lively animation using real fingerprints, all set to an engaging voiceover and comic strip soundtrack!