Brand refresh

Historically, the Borough of Crawley comprised of thirteen residential neighbourhoods radiating out from the core of an old market town. Economically, the town has developed into a major centre of industry and employment between London and the south coast of England. Developing a new brand and identity was a key part of Crawley Borough Council’s regeneration strategy and one of the first steps in an extended programme to make the borough a more attractive place to live.

What we did

We were asked to create a brand that referenced the area’s built environment and 13 individual neighbourhoods. It would have to accommodate growth in the borough and be politically neutral in appearance. There was also a need to create guidelines covering multiple applications to protect the integrity of the brand.

The response

The new brand draws its personality on community, stability, strength and growth and is symbolised by a tree logo made up of a bold colour palette. Each colour represents a different geographical area and the leaf motif is carried through all visual brand elements.
Like the borough, the brand continues to evolve with more leaves being added to the tree to reflect the expansion. The brand has proved to be incredibly versatile, maintaining a contemporary feel that moves with the times and accommodates a wide range of applications such as signage, street identification, vehicle liveries and a residents’ magazine.