Built For Touch

A trusted, household name in the print industry, Duplo has been supplying precision print finishing technology across the globe for almost half a century.

In an endlessly evolving world, staying ahead of the game is crucial and Duplo aims to continually innovate with cost-effective solutions that drive customer satisfaction.

But Duplo would be the first to admit their brand presence lacked a strong and recognisable identity, as well as needing alignment to their value proposition. The launch of their new and revolutionary ‘print embellishment’ product, the DuSense Sensory Coater, was the perfect launch platform to address this.

The response

Spot UV is all about stimulating the senses and our ‘Built for Touch’ campaign focused on the physical effect that the glossy finish provokes – you can’t help but touch it!

With accuracy and efficiency the main selling points for DuSense, it was essential that our imagery showcased the unrivalled 600dpi detail capability.

The ‘Built for Touch’ campaign centred around six high-impact photographs treated in black and white with a Duplo blue overlay. Precision UV was applied to bring out fine detail and true-to-life texture to generate a heightened emotional response.

The results

Launched at the 2017 IPEX event, the DuSense Sensory Coater has been a big hit thanks to the visual and tactile experience we created. This is an integrated campaign across print, digital, CRM and event. Further roll-out of the campaign has been successful across multiple channels and has helped to further raise the Duplo brand profile.