Branding and behaviours for changes in automotive retail

With 12 sites and over 500 staff, Jemca is one of the biggest Lexus and Toyota franchises in the UK. They successfully provide customers with a full service experience in a highly competitive market. The Toyota and Lexus brands had always eclipsed Jemca, who was simply seen as the destination customers would visit to buy their cars.

Our brief was to change that: Jemca needed to modernise, to showcase that they genuinely care, and to demonstrate innovation. They wanted to mean something as a stand-alone brand.

What we did

This rebranding exercise started from the inside. By exploring Jemca’s values and key messages, we developed a softer, more modern logo and visual identity. We also underpinned the new brand with the strapline ‘Love every journey’, a promise that resonates with both internal and external audiences. Through highly participative workshops and supporting collateral, including environmental graphics and a brand booklet, we collaborated and engaged with the workforce to truly embed the Jemca brand.

We devised ‘The Jemca Way’ brand promise to crystallise the company’s five key principles for success, guiding employees on how to act and behave to deliver an exceptional and memorable customer experience. To make sure The Jemca Way messaging maintains it momentum for years to come, we created a short, simple-to-follow animation that can be easily shared with new entrants. And, as is always recommended to maintain brand consistency, we created a bible of fonts, colour ways, graphic and illustration assets in one comprehensive guidelines document.

The response

The success of Jemca’s rebrand is evident in both the increase in customer satisfaction scores, and the record-breaking profits reported by each of the company’s dealerships.