Focused Growth

For more than a century, Kimberly-Clark (KC) has transformed ideas into innovative healthcare products. Leading the world in providing essentials for a better life, their global brands are a trusted part of nearly one quarter of the world’s population, across more than 175 countries.

Following the merger of KC’s European and Middle East and Africa businesses, and after the first year of working together as one entity, KC EMEA Consumer, looked to us to communicate to their Top 200 at their leadership conference. Drawing together some of the more complex goals into a strategy that was easy to digest and act upon, we were asked to bring to life some of the key messages and behaviours through experiential exercises and workshops.

What we did

Taking growth as the overarching theme, this became the platform to communicate their strategy. For KC, it was not just about sales figures. It was about examining all processes, behaviours and ways of working. This led the way to the concept, Focused Growth. We developed a campaign visual identity using directional light beams bursting into an array of bright colours and signifying potential and opportunity through company-wide Focused Growth.

As well as branding the environment, we told the Focused Growth story through a series of 10 inspirational and engaging videos to add structure and memorability to the summit.

The response

This leadership event was all about raising awareness of the new strategy to KC’s Top 200 people.

Launching with a kick-off story of how KC products support consumers through every life stage, our priority was to make a firm connection with internal senior stakeholders. This storytelling technique and employee-owned messaging played an important part in how we communicated throughout the conference. Feedback, we’re very proud to say, made it clear how successful we were at engaging the event audience and later, the wider business.