We love a good piece of print. That’s how it all started for TW Creative: creating beautiful graphic design for multiple print channels. Now of course, the marketing landscape is disrupted by multi-platform digital media and we enjoy going with the online flow and embrace the digital revolution and all creative opportunities that it allows. However, we are pleasantly surprised by Wardour’s current “Rethink Ink” research, revealing that there is a growing interest in print, with both the GenZ group (18 to 24 year olds) and the group above (aged up to 35 years) leading the way.

Once seen as an old fashioned medium, print now offers a novel way to connect with audiences and should not be ignored by marketeers today. Indeed last year, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) also predicted a surge in print magazines from brands, many of which view print as a less competitive medium than the densely over-populated digital world.

Stand Out from the Crowd

The Wardour research shows that all audiences are reading MORE across digital channels, but also that the younger target groups are engaging even more with content in print. It’s great to hear that not only are target audiences hungry for more content – but it’s also exciting for TW and other agencies and brands to have this opportunity to flaunt creative ink skills. TW’s client Duplo are pioneers of interesting and innovative print finishes and formats.

As digital dominance increases, print becomes an even more unique way to stand out from the crowd. There is something quite human and unmistakingly tangible about a print sample, be it a magazine, leaflet or letter.  When used in conjunction with digital media, print can bolster brands’ digital media presence and help drive web traffic. Let’s also not forget how easy it is to click the “X” when on a website or blog that no longer peaks your interest. However a magazine or leaflet will continue to occupy your desk or coffee table for days and subsequently is a lot harder to avoid or forget.

Mediaplanet claim “You can’t put a website on your coffee table. If you want to show-off design, print is your medium. There is a reason why catalogues are still popular, even for businesses that do the bulk of their sales online. Print is also absolute. It is what it is. Your work can’t be altered and shared in bits and pieces or endlessly revised.”

Highlights of the Wardour research:

  • Trade magazines are gaining in popularity: 15% of readership say they are reading more print today than a year ago, that figure almost doubles to 28% for GenZ.
  • Similarly, 10% (overall) and 19% (age group 25-34) say they are reading more of companies’ print magazines, brochures and reports
  • Print messaging is more memorable (44% of those surveyed agreed that they were more likely to remember something they had read in print), and consumers trust print messaging more than digital (25% said they trusted print more – only 6% said they trusted digital more).
  • Consumers find it far easier to concentrate on the message with print (54% agreed with this idea and only 11% disagreed) and significantly prefer it for more complicated messaging (61% agreed and only 10% disagreed).

Print has some unique benefits:

  1. It is easier to cut through the clutter

  2. Print is tangible

  3. Print is beautiful

  4. Print is novel

  5. Print has longevity

  6. Print is tactile

Big brands use integrated approach

So print although once deemed outdated and passe, is now the height of fashion, proving that old and new can work together in very powerful ways.

As digital continues to lead the charge, it need not necessarily be at the cost of print. TW’s recommendation is that an integrated approach using digital and print touchpoints is often the recommended route to reaching your target audience as effectively as possible.

Want to follow their footsteps? Contact us and let’s discuss how to get print back into the media mix!