At TW we always keep an eye on marketing trends. When it comes to Digital Marketing we predict these 5 media approaches will be big in 2019:

1. Top of the tree: video

The average attention span of customers is short: most people would rather watch a (short) video than read a blog post. Just one of the reasons video is still winning the race of most successful medium of marketing, with live video really taking off. Live video directly connects engaged consumers to products and services. Videos are ideally posted on social media, giving you the opportunity to be in the face of your target market.

Tip: Videos do not need to be expensive to create and can really help brands connect with their audience. We are more than happy to provide our clients with quotes for film work, just get in touch! 

2. Social media will keep growing in importance

Social media has been around for nearly a decade with no signs of slowing down, with the main consumer networks being Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Some interesting numbers:

  • For Facebook most age groups are static or declining, except the 55+ age group, which is the biggest group of users. Facebook Messenger gives interesting opportunities for conversations, with 1.3 billion people using Messenger every month, 8 billion messages exchanged between people and businesses every month and 78% of people with smartphones using messaging every month.
  • There is an increase in Instagram usage throughout all age groups, with the largest age group being 25 to 34 years. Expectedly ad spend on Facebook will grow 40%, while Instagram ad spend will increase 177% (Source: Merkle).
  • Snapchat is increasing too, with the biggest user group being 25 to 34 in age (Snapchat is not just for teens!).
  • When it comes to B2B Comms, Twitter and LinkedIn will additionally play significant roles, with increasing revenues and users: LinkedIn 37% revenue increase and over 562 million users in more than 200 countries, Twitter revenue increase 24% and user growth 11%.

Tip: When building a social media presence, it is best to include all social media channels and adapt your content slightly in accordance to the audience. Our Social Media Manager at TW Creative, Anniek Corporaal, can provide clients with advice and strategies.

3. Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is gaining importance. This type of marketing appeals to the senses as consumers have an immersive brand or product experience that can easily be shared with others. Consumers literally feel and experience what their lives with Product X or Brand A would be like, leading to more engaged audiences and a higher brand loyalty.

Tip: Experiential marketing is mainly concentrated on the next generations: millennials and generation Z. They value authenticity over matter, so make sure to prioritize the experience – whether it’s a sports game, music event or tasting session, endorsed by your brand – over material things.

4. Voice search is growing rapidly

“Google: search amazing marketing agencies”.
It’s very likely you’ll be using voice search in the near future (and if you’d ask this question, Google of course will mention TW first  ). Voice search is growing in popularity at a very rapid rate. By 2020, the experts believe that 50% of all searches will be voice searches. While it’s true that the world of search engines and SEO is constantly changing and evolving, the increase in voice search usage is one of the biggest changes yet. Be prepared (and know we’re here to help)!

Tip: Consistency is key in marketing. Ensure that all your communications represent your brand in a consistent and unified way, including the voice of your brand. Your messaging should be recognizable to your audience, across all your platforms.

5. Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) requires headsets for use, making adoption quite challenging, intimidating and not very cost friendly. Augmented Reality (AR) however is to be deployed on mobile phones and tablets making it more accessible than VR. The fact that AR can be used on the devices that we all carry in our pockets every day will make this technology win the race. Mobile AR has massive potential in a number of different fields. Living Wine Labels is a great example, using AR to bring stories of each wine bottle to life.

Tip: Augmented reality alone cannot help to grow a business. The best potential for AR is to integrate it as part of a larger strategy. Want to know how? Contact us!

Want to know more?

Is your media prepared for these trends? Would you like to throw in innovative and futureproof media in the mix? Feel free to get in touch, we love to chat! Mail Kate Whitehead.

by Chris Cottrell