London Art Fair offers a smorgasbord of art from the 20th and 21st centuries. Over last 30 years, it has firmly established itself on the international art calendar. Our creative team headed across town to Islington after work to sip complimentary G&Ts and search for some new art for the studio.

Leading galleries from the UK and abroad blew us away with their collections and we were blasted by art, from world-renowned names like Matisse and Picasso, to the lesser known, but equally impressive artists, using a range of media, from oil to digital photography.

Although we all love art and appreciated the visual feast laid out before us, within about an hour, we started to feel like our heads were spinning. And this wasn’t just down to the G&Ts.

This experience highlights why curating a carefully crafted art exhibition, which tells a story, and leads its viewers on a journey, is a much more enjoyable experience than a mind-boggling blast of art. Instead of a well-worn walk through a magically beautiful wood, it felt like we were crossing a lunar landscape in flip-flops.

All of which shows why story-telling is an art itself, and how important it is when telling the story of your company, your campaign, or your product.

by Natasha Gray