Welcome to the new TW Creative

So how and why did we decide to rebrand? All things need a spring clean and here at TW we are no different. It’s about TW transforming its purpose and cementing its reputation to deliver for its clients. In a way it’s a commitment, a promise if you like, from us to our clients.

Over our 30 years, we have evolved to reflect what our clients want, the types of work we do and the value we bring. We want to continue to create work that truly engages with people, generating experiences that make them think, feel and do. That way, we deliver in a more meaningful and insightful way.

It’s evolution, not revolution

Our decision to rebrand came mainly from the realisation our outward appearance no longer reflected who we are and how we do business. We needed our personality and ethos to really show through.

Rebranding has helped us reflect upon and reinforce what our core values truly mean – and the original philosophy that forms the bedrock of our agency still stands:

We’ve updated our identity, moved away from the original Tileywoodman to TW Creative (TW for short) reflecting the personality and relationship TW has with its clients. We’ve kept our original green and black primary colours, optimising them for the many channels we now speak in, we want to embrace our colours, they’re part of who we are. We’ve updated our digital presence and all our brand assets from stationery to signage.

It’s what’s underneath that counts

Our brand refresh isn’t just about our visual appearance; it’s about what’s underneath and how we use that to deliver for our clients and us. We want to communicate how we improve the experience of all our customers, something that we feel is important.

The new brand reflects who we are and our vision for the future. Our philosophy is still the same as it always has been and it’s still at the heart of everything we do. We connect people and brands through insight, creativity and a commitment built on trust. That’s how we deliver for our clients and create great work.

So if you have a moment, have a look at our new website and see how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

by Chris Cottrell