Agency life is rarely quiet. We love being busy and productive and making great work happen – check out our blog about brand purpose to find out more about this! However it has been an extraordinarily busy and varied few months for us at TW. Whether it’s been helping dog owners soothe their noise-sensitive canine friends, pitching a ‘brand identity’ project for a large corporate brand, interviewing amazing new talent to join our TW family, designing customer journeys, celebrating TW’s 30th anniversary, overseeing photo-shoots, designing e-mail templates, creating a social calendar for vets or meeting with potential new clients from Iceland and The Netherlands. Phew! No two days are ever the same.

Here’s a taster of what’s been keeping us busy…

Sileo Social Media Campaign for Zoetis

Zoetis approached TW to create a concept and design for a 9-month social media campaign to pet owners about a noise anxiety product for dogs called Sileo, which they are the distributors for.

The campaign not only aims to raise awareness of the issue of noise anxiety in dogs, but to also encourage pet owners to visit a vet practice to find out more. This includes discussing any visible signs which could suggest a dog might be suffering.

Our solution was to utilise the existing creative already out there for this year and give it a fresh TW twist. By combining some poignant messaging and a variety of digital formats, like cinemagraph, the calendar-inspired social assets clearly communicate that noise anxiety for dogs is a serious problem any time of the year, and not just obvious occasions like Bonfire Night or New Year!

Canon Case Study Experiences

There’s nothing better than a recommendation or endorsement to make a product or service truly believable – you only need to look to the success of Amazon and the value given to their customer review section, to see how well it can aid business.

This can be just as valuable in the B2B world, and we’re always pleased when we see that our clients have embraced this approach when thinking about their communications.

We have been working with Canon UK for a number of months on a suite of case studies that detail their customer’s experience and the journey that brought them to a Canon solution.

Their customers are a rich source of experience and testimonials, so by interviewing each to extract the story that’s personal to them, we can craft copy that tells a compelling and unique story.

Using a bespoke template that highlights the key business challenge, solution and most importantly, the result, we have created a consistent and cost-effective solution – allowing Canon to keep the project rolling, meaning the insights and learnings are always available to share.

The case studies are already proving to be a winner – well done Canon!

Ardingly College

Ardingly College came to us with a simple brief: create a marketing campaign that articulates their unique approach to learning and cuts through the sea of happy-smiley student imagery so often associated with private school advertising. Creating a point of difference in their fiercely competitive private education sector poses a real challenge.  Back in 2016 we devised a campaign centring on the bold statement of becoming ‘World-Ready’, featuring student stories and their aspirations for the future.

Three years on and the multichannel campaign ‘World Ready’ has been hugely successful: Ardingly College has seen a massive 90% increase in enquiries and a 45% uptake to Open Day attendance. With the World Ready message now fully embedded into the school’s curriculum, as well as a staple element of the school logo and ethos. We were delighted to be back last week directing a photoshoot capturing senior school students ready for a campaign refresh for the upcoming new school year.

Growing our Business

When we are so focused on ensuring our existing clients are well looked after and cared for, it’s sometimes easy to forget that attracting new clients is equally as important to our continued success. We are very lucky that much of our new business is derived from happy clients recommending us or continuing to want to work with us when they enter new roles and jobs. But we can’t rest on our laurels, so looking for new, like-minded clients who TW can help support with their creative and marketing needs is really important too. Over the last couple of months, we have met with potential new clients from industries ranging from utilities, financial services, technology providers, beer and kitchens no less!

The sectors may be broad, but they all have one common ground –  all need great creative design that can help their brand get noticed and help their messages get delivered.

So whilst we are on the subject of new business, we wanted to say THANKS for the REFERRALS!