Winterbotham Darby

Telling a brand story

Award winning brand

Winterbotham Darby produces premium quality food for the retail trade. Suppliers of antipasti, continental meats and plant based products, to all major UK retailers. The company sets the bar extremely high when it comes to developing quality foods that are 100% traceable from source and always have the end consumer’s tastes top of mind.

Premium brand design

Our conversations began when it was acknowledged that the company needed to refresh its look and feel, with one output being a sleeker website that reflected its award winning, premium products and value. Therefore, the design needed to be high end yet functional.

Inspiration in the ingredients

Our design inspiration started with the ingredients. We created a palette of green and purple shades derived directly from the product itself to help set Winterbotham Darby apart from the competition and to complement its product photography.  

Design with meaning

One of Winterbotham Darby’s core values is its approach to responsible farming procedures – the company has full control of each step of the process, from growing or rearing the produce to delivering it to its customers. All produce is traceable from “field to table”. Our designers wanted these values to lead the direction of its new brand look and feel.

Photographic authenticity

Using rich, close up photography of food products and finishing them with hand-torn edges gave them a natural roughness that embodied the true meaning of the brand. The paint strokes and hand drawn graphics we used throughout the website and printed materials are a gentle nod to the personal, hand-in-hand relationships Winterbotham Darby has with olive growers and farmers across Europe.

Bringing the story alive through animation

We created and developed a video animation for Winterbotham Darby to use on its website to bring its brand story alive. It was also used across social media channels to bring attention to its premium positioning. We started off by writing a script for the voiceover which then inspired the hand-drawn storyboards. We continued the ‘brushstrokes’ theme, by using hand drawn illustrations to tell the story of the brand and maintain its personal approach.

We presented TW with a big challenge!  We wanted to make it easier for people to understand our (sometimes complicated) business, what makes us different and bring to life the value that our business delivers to our customers.  Our old website contained a lot of information but wasn’t very easy to navigate or clear that we love and live for food, so it needed a re-think!”  

“The result was a slick, highly-functional website putting our passion for food front and centre, through the design and imagery. Whether across the website, exhibition stands, explainer video or marketing brochures the visual look and feel of our business has enabled us to communicate what we do in a more effective way.  It also resulted in a consistent corporate design and tone of voice as the design elements were also taken and used to create email signatures, design elements for PowerPoint and also internal communications.”

Susie WhiteCommunications Manager
Winterbotham Darby