Total Gas & Power

Owning Red

A Journey Together

Total Gas & Power is a very strong brand, but within the business sector, communications felt disparate, with little consistency in messaging, look and feel. By its own admission, Total Gas & Power’s brand image was a little confused and incoherent.

A crowded marketplace

When Total Gas & Power approached TW it began a journey of discovery for both them and us. The utilities market had been rocked by a number of new entrants resulting in an even bigger choice of brands for consumers and a real need for brands to stand out and make their mark. TW quickly set about conducting a full competitor analysis of the marketplace to understand who was winning in this sector and to identify key learnings.

Standing out from the crowd

Our research found that many utilities brands were all trying to own a similar space when it came to design identity. Using various visual cues to resemble energy, light and gas was a favoured direction of many brands. TW also identified that many brands used blues and greens to simulate energy and green energy. Brands who truly stood out were those going against the grain with a strong, bold identity that made them unmistakably ownable to that brand and that brand alone.

Design Simplicity

The beauty of design is often the simplistic purity of a font, graphic or illustrative style. Design shouldn’t be overcomplicated. The brand identity we created is a great example of this. The stripped back style made it easy to roll out over multiple deliverables, including event stands and online. The result is a more striking and ownable set of marketing materials which the brand can proudly own and use to great effect to build recognition with its customers.

Owning Red

Taking these learnings, TW gave a strong recommendation to Total that there was a big opportunity for them to ‘own’ the colour red. This was currently a very under-used colour in its brand pallet. When used against a striking black and white photographic style which helped underpin the heritage of the brand, the visual effect was clean, bold and confident.